Love ‘N’ Guts

So we’re approaching VD (Valentine’s Day) for which many have extremely mixed reactions. From the joy of “Yay! Chocolate & Flowers!” to the vehemence of “I DON’T NEED THIS FUCKING MADE UP HOLIDAY TO SHOW YOU I LOVE YOU” to the always maudlin “Great, one more thing to remind me I will DIE ALONE.”

I’m somewhere on the spectrum between Group A and Meh. Mr. Betty insists we celebrate however and so we shall. Normally we dine out at a semi-fancy venue, but often we are disappointed by expensive yet mediocre fare and service. So this year we’re staying in and I’m cooking (it’s cheaper, my food tastes better and you get my “service with a smirk”).

Along those lines I’m afraid I’ll have to AGAIN mention dieting (yawwwwn) which I’ll probably do until I’m dead (possibly after!) since cooking your own food is the best way to control calories. I was humming along on the Weight Watchers (they have officially re-branded as “WW”…. so you don’t really know what you’re paying for but magically get smaller…?? Anyone??) and had just reached a significant goal, when I got sick right before Christmas with gastritis.  The medication gave me a smallish window to eat without pain and nausea so of course I CHOWED THE FUCK DOWN in that window. Everyone else on the planet loses weight when they have a stomach ailment. NOT ME.

So I’m still down from where I started but struggling at the same plateau that is juuuust keeping me out of my smaller pants and bulgily interfering with activities such as Shoe-Tying and Toe-Nail-Maintenance. Obviously I needed some sort of gimmick to trick my fat-lovin’ psyche into eating fewer calories. And that has turned out to be reducing the number times we eat out: I get one lunch on Friday with my work-wife, and Mr. Betty and I are allowed to dine out twice (lunch or dinner).

Additionally, the kinds of foods I need to avoid in order to keep my guts in primo working order are also foods that are chock full o’ calories but rather skinny on nutrition.

Why, you may ask, why in THE hell am I blathering on about this shit?? Because as individuals who cannot/should not drink alcohol we live with the ultimate restriction daily. And those of us in the QS (quit smoking) camp have another. And also many of us have issues with dairy, wheat, soy, meat, etc and so there is another restriction. When it comes time to give up ONE MORE MOTHER FUCKING THING — AND WHY DON’T YOU JUST KILL ME?? it seems pretty fucking unfair.

So when it occurred to me that I might have to stop drinking coffee I was seriously put out. So far I have compromised with always having food with coffee and drinking less. But to be honest, there may come a day when I have stop. Am I going to hang it up and die?? No. Am I going to pout and make sure everyone knows how miserable I am? Obviously.

Ultimately, my health is more important (almost) than coffee (not standing by that statement) and if not drinking coffee (ehhhhhhhh) is going to make me feel better then that is what I (not happy!!!) need to do.

And since I already did just that with alcohol, cigarettes and milkshakes, I can probably handle it.

In other news we have some DIY starting back up! Just painted the dining room wall to compliment the new dining nook arrangement. Having done that, I am now motivated to finish other kitchen painting (most notably the hideous 90’s honey oak cabinets).

Also, with the renting of the beach house a smashing success, we are looking at a travel trailer for camping adventures. Road trip!!

Blowing everyone kisses, even you surly fuckers. XO XO XO



9 thoughts on “Love ‘N’ Guts

  1. I have never liked Valentine’s Day and I am morally opposed to it this year. Sigh.

    I have had unending stomach issues over the years. I have tried with and without coffee and, for me, it’s irrelevant. Which is good because I love it.

    Anything sugar free or with corn in it is an absolute no. Plus, celiac. I need my coffee.

    I remember ww from years ago before I got married. I can still tell you how many points are in anything. Anne’s obsessiveness, lol.

    Hug. I am always happy to read your posts! Miss you!


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    1. You are allowed to despise it!! Cannot imagine you without your coffee. I’ve been avoiding spicy stuff and tomato-y sauces, fried food. I could only fool myself with the points for so long, then I was like HOW CAN 350 CALORIES BE 13 POINTS??? When I wanted a donut, obviously.

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  2. I have such huge admiration for anyone who successfully manages to lose even the tiniest amount of weight by dieting – admiration and ENVY! I’m not going to beat myself up too much, because kicking the booze does make me freaking awesome (and clearly I’m very modest, ahem), but I just can’t cope with food restrictions. I turn into a petulant toddler, feeling hungry is the WORST. Or worse still – not feeling satisfyingly full. I can’t deal with it. The idea of not having coffee makes me tearful – anyone try to take my coffee away from me and I will go full-on viking on their *ss and drink it from their skull! Having said that, alcohol would have killed me so it was hard to come up with any good argument to continue in the end. Food – could probably weigh a little less (say, about a stone) but it isn’t causing me actual problems. Coffee – it’d seem my stomach is made of tough leather and I don’t think I’m particularly sensitive to caffeine, I can happily gulp down some glorious java late at night and still sleep like a baby. Still, if I do end up having to cut back (or worse – stop) eating so much or drinking so much coffee due to it causing issues, then I suppose it’ll be a different matter altogether.

    No doubt we’re better off without caffeine, I will reluctantly concede this is true.. I just hope I’ll never have problems caused or aggravated by coffee because it’d really upset me to have to cut it out!

    “Service with a smirk” just made my day, by the way.

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    1. Well, I assure you what I lost was the tiniest amount!! And when I say dieting what I really mean is “not getting any larger” because I will do just that if left unchecked. And please do not ever beat yourself up (over weight loss or anything ever!) Sobriety always comes first😀


  3. You do not want to see how surly I get if you take my coffee away. It’s the last bastion…that and the swearing. I’m NEVER giving those up. I wish you luck in earnest with this very arduous task Betty. God speed. xxx

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