The Sinking of the Bismarck and Other Tales…

More specifically: an actual, delicious, custard filled, chocolate fudge covered Bismarck FRICKING DONUT. In my belly. And it were tasty. Normally, I try to stay away from donuts, fricking or otherwise. Unless they are VERY GOOD DONUTS and then I make an exception. In this scenario, there happened to be a box of uneaten pastry … More The Sinking of the Bismarck and Other Tales…

Hating It All

Greetings, Sober Blog citizens! I have missed you, have you missed me?? (A little?? Come on, just a bit???) I have started posts in my head over the last few months but I simply could not be arsed to write them. NO CAN DO. But here I am, mostly because my friend Beer Portal has … More Hating It All

Flying the Flag

Happy February, Sober Blog Citizens! Well, the US Presidential Inauguration day has come and gone and so I want to take this opportunity to apologize to THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD.  I’M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THIS. WE’LL TRY TO DO BETTER NEXT TIME. Please bear with us for four years (or less!! Please let it be … More Flying the Flag

Resentmentz…I Haz Dem

Little LOLCat throwback for ya there. So I’ve started and discarded (kinda rhymes!) several posts which never made it to print– ya know, virtually speaking. Frankly, I’ve been somewhat pissed off lately and I’m trying to deal with that in a *ahem* mature manner. I have of late been metaphorically injured by several cruel events, … More Resentmentz…I Haz Dem

Buying, Selling, Eating and of Course..the Beach

Hello Sober Blog Citizens!! It is I. I have completed three months of real estate transaction torture and an ass-busting work schedule *whine, pule, cry* . It’s been a while, so I think I’ll just launch into a Quarterly Sober Wrap Up aaaaaand HEREWEGO: CRYING INTO MY LA CROIX OVER MY FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS Work … More Buying, Selling, Eating and of Course..the Beach