That’s What De-Friends Are Forrrrr….

I have done something I only do in the most DIRE of situations, when there is literally NO OTHER COURSE OF ACTION AVAILABLE: I de-friended someone on facebook. I enjoyed it so much! I haven’t enjoyed the de-friend-zy this much since Burger King was giving you a free whopper for axing them ( I think you had to do 40?? I didn’t get the whopper, I got distracted by cat pictures.)

BUT ANYWAYYY… back to the de-friending. That I just did. I spoke about work drama, I think about a month ago. This directly relates to it and the de-friendee is the purveyer of this fine dramatic production. Simply put: I. Have. Had. Enough. Of the bullshit (typing a period between each word is exhausting).

Basically, this person (let’s call her Andrea) had a personal conviction about something I should be doing, I disagreed and choose another perfectly suitable professional path. She argued for it, I listened and still declined. She threatened. She manipulated. Basically, she went batshit crazy. In an email. THAT I CAN SHOW PEOPLE. Way to cover your ass!

Today, I had a meeting with my managers about the situation (which had been blown ridiculously out of proportion with reality). So I took the opportunity and reported the hostility, bullying and defaming to my managers (translation: I went off like a fricking firecracker), explained that Andrea’s harassment was causing me stress and to lose sleep, was able to convey the legitimacy of my behavior and my decision.

And I ended the friendship. With friend’s like that, who needs enemas? Am I right??

I’m not one of those people who says, “I’m not talking to you anymore!” I’m just not talking. It’s over. Obviously this is difficult with a co-worker, but the truth is Andrea and I don’t actually work together very often. I can be INCREDIBLY CIVIL. Coldly civil.

I am not vindictive. You have to work really, really hard to make me hate you. If I’m wrong I’m going to tell you I was wrong and try not to do it again, because my friendships are more important to me than my pride.

There is a boundary of respect that once crossed can never be retreated from.

In other words, there is just some shit I will not eat.

I’m still angry. But the de-friending was incredibly helpful. There was a very small block of time that I really wished I had a cig. Other than that, I’m feeling oh-so-good about dealing with all of this clean and serene, baby.

I told my husband. I texted a friend. I ate Chinese food. I watched several back to back episodes of Married at First Sight. I read blogs. I drank ginger ale.

I did not drink. I’m not going to. Fuck yah.