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    1. OMG, an actual fan! The public (you!) has/have spoken and I will get up to more non-sober blogging. Actually I have quite a few DIY projects to post from Ye Olde House. Thanks, Jackie! I didn’t know anyone was reading them:)


  1. Love the travel blog. The pictures are great, really makes me want to travel in the U.S. I always get scared by the guns though. I think everywhere is like Baltimore because of The Wire. Haha. I am joking by the way, I know that you all don’t have guns!

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  2. Hi Betty. I heard your podcast on the bubble hour. It’s my first sober Christmas. I stopped drinking Jan 6 2017. Heard you say near the end that you don’t have to go to Xmas party/family Christmas dinner if you don’t want to–referencing Byron Katie portion. What about the idea if you don’t challenge yourself you won’t change. I still do not want to do anything but know that when I do I feel better and when I cancel I hate myself even more. (the second arrow). What to do. Diane

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    1. Hi, Diane. Wow, you have almost a year, that is amazing!! I must tell you how much I enjoyed pondering your question yesterday while I was getting ready in the morning for my day. I don’t have a short answer (I never do!) and I also have qualifying questions: A) what is the challenge and B) what is it exactly that are you trying to change?
      Rather than typing an obscenely long response in this comment box I’m going to address this in my next post. Additionally, if you’d like to chat about this please message me at my email and we can discuss!! suburbanbettysouth@gmail.com!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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