101 Days, If That’s Even a Thing

According to my sober app today is 101 days sober for moi. I always get confused when you’re counting down days to something- do you count the day you’re in? Do you count the “day of”?? I’ve had this discussion with one of my friends when we are planning to visit each other and she has a theory- today doesn’t count, and the day before you leave doesn’t count because you’re packing and the next day you’e leaving to that doesn’t count either. I do not agree with her math, but I like the theory behind it. Anyhoo, just be sure, I waited until my app told me and it says it was yesterday, which apparently I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out to me. So yay!

And because it is 101 for me, that means it’s 100 for the The Beer Portal *clap clap clap*  Yay for TBP!

The thing is, long about 80 or so days I decided that the goal was 100 years (which means I can crack a bottle of Pendleton on my 145th birthday with no regrets) rather than 100 days. Maybe that’s the idea.

My app also told me I’ve avoided spending $800 on wine. That’s pretty big. Coupled with my spouse no longer purchasing a weekly bottle of tequila (the good shit, well, not the SUPER GOOD SHIT) and we’re definitely financially ahead.

So how’s it going? Pretty good. Here are some things I know:

  • I don’t really want to drink wine.
  • I know that even if I did want to, I would not even try to stop at one. It would be a “free for all” from the get-go. After I gagged down the first one.
  • It’s not going to make me feel better, even on my shittiest day.
  • I’m afraid to drink and terrified of being intoxicated.
  • My body is much happier.
  • Sleep is amazing (and still free!)
  • Some people will never understand why I don’t want to drink (I don’t care)
  • Drinking was keeping me fat (but not sassy)
  • Drinking was making me dumb (literally less intelligent)
  • I still like to be alone sometimes (but it’s nice to have options)
  • I still think about $13 cocktails occasionally, with sugar on the rim and a lemon twist

I feel normal. Some sober-persons lament not being “normal” aka- can’t drink, but I say normal has returned. I am once again most incredibly myself and I think that’s a very good thing to be. The BEST thing to be, if you’re going to be anything at all. So that’s my Day 101 Wrap Up. Take it to print, boys.


26 thoughts on “101 Days, If That’s Even a Thing

  1. Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!! bring out the streamers, party hats and silly string!!!!!! huge congratulations to you my friend! So proud of you. $800? holy crap….there’s a sober treat for you right there.

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  2. Congratulations! Isn’t normal nice? Isn’t sleeping nice! Isn’t the real you nice? LIfe without booze is nice, I couldn’t say that when I was drinking. Booze definitely did not play nice with me.

    Hey, what app are you using? Gawd, I can’t imagine the money I’ve saved.

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