Sweet Dreams Are Made of Bees…

I’m not actually certain those are right words. But!! The important message here is SLEEEEEP. Sweet, sweet slumber.

I love sleep SO MUCH. Here are some reasons why I love sleep:

  • It’s free.
  • You can have as much as you want and you won’t gain weight.
  • You can do alone or with a friend.
  • You can do it almost anywhere–I know this because of the snoring I occasionally hear at work during long meetings.
  • If you miss sleep, you can MAKE IT UP LATER. Like homework.

And how about the awesome sleep you get when you’re drinking??


I am not totally for sure how I went so many years without actually, clinically sleeping for most of that time. Sure, there was that pass-out, much-like-death sleep you’d get after you killed the wine bottle (although I forbid the spouse to refer to it as “passing out”– “you mean, when I WENT TO BED.” where of course I passed out.) But that is so often followed by the 3am mean reds, where you wake up wanting to kill yourself with a rock.

Occasionally I would “nail it” by which I mean I would perfectly time my food, booze and sleep in such a way that I would slip into a coma-like slumber at precisely 10pm, not dream/move at all, and wake up seemingly minutes later without a hangover. And I’d be like, FUCK YAH! I WON!

Nowadays, sleep and I are like BEST FRICKING FRIENDS. Or maybe, I just think Sleep is my best friend and Sleep is actually all, “Yah whatever, you can hang out with me…I guess…nerd..” Regardless of whether sleep returns my deep affections, I am ALL FOR IT.


I may not even be able to wait to publish this before I get me some unconscious ambrosia.


If you cannot think of any other reason to be sober, this here is YOUR TICKET. Sleeping regularly and well is life-changing. Sleep deprivation is the root of many many problems, including but limited to: overeating, distracted driving, mood swings, irritability and depression.

So sleep well, my sober friends…



23 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Are Made of Bees…

  1. Hell yeah! I just slept for 12 hours straight although I had been awake for 22 hours before that so it’s not surprising really. I definitely sleep better sober and I really don’t miss those awful anxiety-filled unscheduled wake-ups 😀 Happy zzzzzz to you!

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      1. I feel a bit puffy eyed and dehydrated, it’s quite hot here tonight. I usually do this once a week, I think it’s a combination of my body needing to repair from my physical job and it straining to reach something like a normal sleep pattern. I feel good now I’ve been up a while and I have a pot of coffee next to me 😀

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  2. Awesome post, girlfriend! I’m so with you. Mr SM has gone back to town to work, so I’m currently IN BED, typing this and listening to my ten year old boy grunty woofling in the land of nod, right next to me ❤️

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  3. When i was drinking id always wake up too early unable to sleep any longer due to my hangover. Now I love sleep! It’s one of my favourite things about being sober. Some morning’s I’m determined to get up but then promptly fall back to sleep for another hour hahaha. I feel like a teenager. if i had no responsibilities I reckon i could easily sleep til lunch time! X

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  4. I LOVE sleep too! I can never get enough! Alas, being sober has not made the morning person I hoped it would. But that could be because I never go to bed early. Oh well, at least I know that when I sleep it is not alcohol induced! A x

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    1. And we’re all agreed that is was “falling asleep” and not the other thing. 🙂 I remember trying desperately not to crawl into bed at 8pm because I was already ready to “fall asleep” at that time, but I forced myself to stay awake so I would seem, I dunno, DRUNK OR ANYTHING. hahahha!

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  5. I LOVE this post because I love sleep! Everything you say about the wonders of sleep are true and it is so good for various mental health conditions as well. When I was snorting cocaine 22 hours a day I didn’t really sleep I would be out all night and crash at 2pm the next day and that non-sleeping went on for about 6 months. Since I have got into recovery I sleep a lot sometimes 9 hours a night. I am on anti-psychotics because of my OCD and they make me sleep for quite a long time. I do want to reduce the dose of medication I am on and am exploring yoga and getting a referral to a sleep doctor to try to find alternative ways to sleep. But throughout my life I have slept very badly because of my mental health problems (long before I drank or took drugs) so I will still need to stay on a low dose of medication.

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